Client: Me – Wardrobe Plan

I hope you guys can read my handwriting.  😀  Here’s what I had in mind in yday’s post.

Soft and Romantic Clothes – based off of two tiered skirts, one in crushed velvet and one in lace.  (I have the lace in stash, didn’t get it made up last spring).   A dirndl for fun and to keep the hubs happy, a gorgeous blouse to go under.  Sweaters – I have some.  A lightweight shirt-jacket (it’s not really jacket weather most of the time) and finish it all off with an amazing belt.

This is hanging out for casual date-nights with my husband, it’s going to church and mentoring, it’s going out for a fun night with my girls.


Next we have the day-to-day wardrobe.  First of all, I’m replacing my favorite six-gore denim skirt.  The current contender is worn nearly white.  I have a second six-gore, but it doesn’t quite resonate – it wants to be in the above category, it just doesn’t read as casual.  (Zyla would say this is because I made it up in dark denim, which is my most formal color).  (The light blue denim is better for a casual garment).  Everyone here in SoCal wears jeans … I wear denim skirts.

The next garment is the tiered skirt, in a crinkle gauze.  My favorite fabric store in town has *racks* of crinkle gauze, and frankly I live in a climate where breathable and cool is something that I need six months out of the year.  Go a little hippy with this, boho and fun and loose.   Might make more than one… might not.  I still have three quilting cotton tiered skirts that fit the same niche.  Guess we’ll see how they wear and how fast I get thin!

I have this paired with the tanktop + buttondown cliche – but it’s cliche in my wardrobe because it works.    Blouses loved me last year, I’m hoping for another great year.  (You’ll see some of these blouse ideas on pinterest).  Casual, cute, put together.  Always end up grabbing some cute girly Ts on sale somewhere, they’re quick and good for casual days.


Last but not least… we have the gardening outfits!  I need shorts.  I have this adorable skort pattern, and I’ll be pairing it with a high-necked T if I can find
one (I don’t sew knits), tanktops, girly Ts… and of course the ubiquitous buttondown when I have to run to the store in the middle of a project (happens!


So, this plus the robe that I designed and a new nightie… and we’ll just leave the whole bathing suit insanity for later this year…  well, it should make a wardrobe.  I’ll see what I can use of what I have.  Honestly my clothes are getting pretty worn, so I really do need to start sewing like my fingers have wings as soon as Dear Elna comes back into my hot little hands.


2 thoughts on “Client: Me – Wardrobe Plan

    1. hearthie Post author

      I don’t enjoy it. I have done so… it takes a long time, and I find the finished garments aren’t much better than I could buy, nor do they last much longer than bought garments. Wovens are an entirely different story.



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