Soul-baring Time: Moving Towards the Next Thing

Scary time for yours truly… admitting something close to my heart…

I would *love* to do style and color consultations professionally.  As much fun (and it is!) to dress my friends up… eventually you run out of friends to make into your personal Barbie dolls.  If you’d like to consult me and you don’t know me, for heaven’s sake contact me!  This is my art, and it has been for 30 years.

I’ve always felt like I wasn’t … enough… to make this happen.  I don’t live in a rich area.  I’m overweight.  I don’t care about fashion – only style and beauty.  I’m not high-maintenance in my personal grooming habits.  I don’t LOOK like a fashion consultant!  And how can you market your ability to make someone look amazing when you, quite frankly, do not?

And then I decided to start taking my own wardrobe a lot more seriously.  Taking myself as a client, as t’were.  That’s one of my 2015 goals – to start dressing myself the way I’d tell myself to dress, not haphazardly, but with a plan.  And embracing the fabulous.  (Unless, of course, I really am cleaning or baking or digging about in the garden).

I’ve got a start.  A couple of nice dresses, a beautiful coat… yes, I have a start.  But it’s time to make more than a start.  It’s time to start planning, start moving….

And if making a business out of fashion consulting doesn’t turn out to be the next big thing?  Well, at least I’ll look great doing whatever it is I end up doing!


9 thoughts on “Soul-baring Time: Moving Towards the Next Thing

  1. Maeve

    If you were here in Chucktown, I’d be taking you with me every time I went shopping for clothes. I do believe that no only would I be supremely happy with every purchase, but the actual process of buying clothes might feel less agonizing.


  2. Elspeth

    You can do it, Hearth. You should do it. Really. You’re so passionate about beauty and making women beautiful that you’d be a rousing success.

    Fulfill your image for yourself first of course, then branch out. You’ll have to do some free work for the sake of word of mouth as you start out. Think BFF, Pagan Mom, etc. Whomever else will let you dress them. Then when they get compliments on how fabulous they look, they hand your card to the person offering the compliment.

    Go for it. I have faith in you!


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  4. elleberra

    I need you to come go through my closet :p Getting rid of all the not good stuff would a step in the right direction.
    Then of course I would need you to pick me out a wardrobe because I’m certainly not capable of doing it.
    How far are you from Arkansas? 🙂


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  6. Deborah

    Ah, Hearthie … if I lived near you, or would be in your area at all, I totally would look you up. I need a wardrobe redo–for some reason, it just isn’t attractive to always wear ill-fitting jeans and tshirts (most of which either have a few small holes from the cats’ claws or weird bleach-ish patterns on them from whatever chemicals they put in the water here). Good luck on your new venture!



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