My first client is me

I’ve decided that I want to be an image consultant (much more true than “stylist”).  Where to start?  With myself, of course!

I think everyone has different road blocks on their way to style.  Mine is “good enough”.  So instead of starting with a closet inventory (that will come), I want to start with a list of occasions for my life.

Working out:  This means Ttapp – I need something flexible so I can bend and reach.   This is my least formal bit of clothing.  Honestly – it doesn’t have to be seen in public.

Heavy cleaning, gardening:  I need a pair of shorts.  (Or a skort).  Something flexible enough that I can bend and reach – something modest and cute enough that I don’t get grumpy about wearing it in my front yard.  Washable enough not to worry about that gunk underneath the bathroom sink.  Whatever this is, it has to pass the bend over test!

Light cleaning, errands, long walks… most of my life:  I live in Jeans & tshirts land – for myself, I prefer a long loose skirt and a blouse or tshirt.  Mix it up (especially in the summer) with a cute day-dress or two.  + apron for housework, + small purse for the essentials on long walks.

Mentoring/church:  Something soft and approachable.  Fabulous but not scary.   Long skirts with some texture to them, nice blouses, lovely sweaters, jackets, nice details.

Date night:  This is my one chance to shine, so I like to mix this up. Sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes it’s jaw-dropping. Always looking my best.  (Dirndl acceptable!)

Lounging:  Robe & nightgown

Beach:  Shorts, bathing suit & sunshirt, sarong.  Flipflops.

… Okay, self.  So you’ve diagnosed the requirements… now to the closet/sewing machine…

1) I desperately need some shorts.  Stat.  Finish the sewing that’s already cut, these are my next priority.  Looking at my wardrobe, this is the biggest hole.  I have a pair of skorts that I bought to work out in, but they’re too short to wear outside the house.   Nothing else, no seriously – I have nothing else.

2)  Better skirts, better blouses.  It’s time to put down the quilting cotton, once and for all.  (Okay, there are always aprons).  Tiered skirts from crinkle gauze for at home, from crushed velvet for mentoring/date night.  Six-gore denim skirts – in a couple of lengths – for everyday wear.

3) Vests and dirndl and cute jackets to finish my looks.  Some of this will have to be out of the lightest materials… time to think!  I don’t like being too warm, and it’s usually too warm where I live.  Buttondowns made especially for layering – a must.

How to express who I am?  Amp up the cute and fun and energetic for my daily clothes – I live in jeansland, embrace the Ralph Lauren aesthetic and run.  Bright colors, clean colors.  For my more intimate moments, whether mentoring or hanging out with friends or casually with my hubs… amp the romance.  Texture, texture, texture.  Lace and velvet.  Rich soothing colors. Date night/special occasion:  Take no prisoners.

I’ve got things in mind… yes, yes I do.


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