Fabric Lust

I should probably have taken a picture.  But… I feel weird taking pictures in stores.   Kind of like the photo to the left, only much, much more wonderful.  

Raw silk.  Nubby, almost a boucle weave – but not loose.  Lots of good colors for yours truly going on in the details, but the dominant colors are turquoise and gold.  -drool-  I saw it.  I said, “why don’t I have a ladies-who-lunch lifestyle?”  And I stood there, fondling the fabric and thinking.  What could I make this into?

I don’t have the figure for a pencil skirt, and I don’t work in an office.  This is strictly dry-clean-only fabric – even for this girl who washes her silk.  (This fabric might very well dissolve – and it would take a fool to bet on its being dye-fast).

And it came to me.  I could just *do* with a really dressy jacket/bolero to wear over my dresses to go out.  This is one of the garments that stylists are forever telling you to grab when they come to you, because they can be go-to pieces for years.   Would this fabric go with my dressy dresses?  Yes.  It would rock with both the cream and the turquoise.  Would this fabric go with other dresses in the future?  Yes, very likely.  None of the colors that I wear (http://www.pinterest.com/hearthrose/analysis-me/) would clash – and most would be improved!

So it remains to find a pattern and go… and I rummaged through my pattern stash and found Simplicity 3628.  I checked Pattern Review (an important step) and it seems to work well… princess seams are generally kind to me.  I have the fabric (well, I don’t – because I didn’t know how much to buy.  But there’s loads on the bolt), I have the pattern, I have the know-how.  And while this won’t be a cheap project, there is *no way* that you could buy what I’ll make for less than 3x what I’ll spend making it.

Yet another project… my sewing machine is in the shop and I can’t wait to break her out!  I have so much to do… (all those aprons, neatly in bags and two corsets, also neatly in bags).


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