Ordinary Clothes: How to look pretty when you’re hanging around the house

How do you look cute when you’re sloughing around the house?  Either A – you commit to a comfy-free wardrobe, or B – you make sure your comfy (or cleaning) clothes are attractive.

I don’t think very many of us will honestly go with A.  So B it is.  It’s a little hard to wrap your mind around the idea that comfy clothes can be attractive – so often they’re an excuse to get really schlubby.  The clothes you find at the stores for hanging around the house – unless you’re shopping at very high-end retailers – are anything but elegant.  Whimsical?  Often.  Classic?  If you’re lucky.

The modern mindset is arranged for the working woman.  You just don’t think of dressing nicely for housework or relaxation – it “doesn’t matter”.  But if you’re home, and you’re pulling on those jeans every day, or dropping that apron over your head, or chilling in that nice soft robe… and that’s what you spend time in *every single day* – well.  That’s what your husband sees you in most of the time – not your church clothes, not your lunching outfit, and date night is only so often… nope, he sees you in your everyday wear.  Same with your kids.  How are your children going to learn to take proper care of themselves when you sit there in your stained tshirt and torn shorts?

So.  I’ve written about nice daily wear before.  But let’s talk about other things… I’ll admit, I’d gotten lax.  I don’t particularly enjoy sewing aprons.  They’re too easy, too fast.  And they’re not very glamorous.  So I’d gotten to a place where I had one functional apron.  This isn’t a good thing!  I cook every day – that sucker got a huge amount of wear, and it got dirty and then I was running around cooking in my regular clothes and exposing them to the spatters and splashes.  It’s not unreasonable for me to have about three aprons.   (I cut three more aprons Friday night, one of which is for me… I’ll see what my scrap bins have to contribute, I think I can find one more.  Oh yeah – free clothes.  I like that).

What about bathrobes?  I have one for winter and one for summer.  The summer robe is a kimono that doesn’t wrap as nicely as I’d like.   Not so good – as I wear silk nightwear and have a 14yo boy ’round the house.  One wants to have some modesty.  The winter robe is warm… and that’s about all I can say.  Reading the “Lost Art of Dress” I was struck by the original purpose of dressing gowns – they were so nice that you were able to receive good friends and hang out in them.  Well there’s an idea – not being embarrassed to open the door for a package in your robe?  (Thinking about functionality – all the functionality – of your garments before you purchase or make them:  a concept whose time needs to return!)

So, I’ll make a robe.  That’s what you do – you don’t go through your current clothes and start tossing, not unless you have unlimited funds.  What you *do* is sort your clothes and decide what needs replacing – and vow to find something lovely to come in its place.  It’s not an emergency to sew a new robe – and I won’t be tackling it next week.  (I have other things on the “urgent” list).   But I’ll get to it – and now I have a design.  (And a display of fabric on my mind).

That tshirt, the one that doesn’t suit you?  Wear it for dirty rough work, and wear it out.  Buy something better.

The nightgown that has seen better days?  Perhaps it should serve on cycle week.

And the old, stained robe?  Well, I’ll probably get rid of it when it’s time.  If I get frugal, maybe I’ll make a lining for the dog’s bed out if it… it’s soft, warm fleece, and the dog doesn’t care.

The way you get up in the morning, grab something, put it on, and still look good – is you make sure that all the things you can grab are cute.  That’s it.

Get rid of the ugly clothes.

Reference:  See yday’s post about bathrobes.


4 thoughts on “Ordinary Clothes: How to look pretty when you’re hanging around the house

  1. superslaviswife

    Something I’ve only found out in the past year or so is that “prudish”, “old fashioned” clothes like floor-length skirts, fitted cardigans and nighties seem to hit the right spot between Jon loving it and it being practical to do work and chores in. It’s almost as though housewives throughout all of history dressed for their jobs and not to protect men’s delicate sensibilities. :p


    1. hearthie Post author

      I know, right? You’ll find when you have your little ones that when they’re the age for running madly about and needing to be picked up, that bending over in a long, full skirt is easy and you needn’t worry about flashing anyone while you’re at it.

      Also excellent for making a visual blockade. -evil chuckle- Of course I’d NEVER hold my skirt out and stand in front of something a toddler wasn’t supposed to get into. Never. 😉


      1. superslaviswife

        Great, I’ve gone broody again. :p

        I guess long skirts could also be useful for dozing off with baby on the sofa, sort of hammocking her/him across your chest and the skirt folds. Or at least it sounds more comfortable and safer for all involved than dozing with a baby on your jean-clad lap. Or am I just being paranoid?

        Anyways, I’ll just keep being broody until it’s baby-making time. 🙂


      2. hearthie Post author

        I don’t know that I ever hammocked. Everyone near a baby ends up crashed out on the couch it’s baby-head-sniff side-effects. (Watch. You’ll see older moms like myself huff your baby’s head when it comes time.) Very little babies don’t roll. And you have your arms around them. You’re so sensitive to baby’s least movement when you’re snugged up with them. I’ve seen lots of folks nap with baby on chest, usually unintentionally – often male – and no one has ever dropped the baby.

        Sorry for exacerbating the broody – I saw your list of 2015 to-do and TTC, so I figured it was safe. 🙂


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