The Gift Apron: Pretty Ditty Apron by Jamie Christina


My best friend gave me a new apron pattern for Christmas, the Pretty Ditty Apron.  Another dear friend mailed me some fabric about six months ago, and my mom brought over some fabric that had been in her stash.  So this apron is a compilation of gifts!

And that’s pretty awesome.

Another awesome thing is that it fits.  I have the worst problem with aprons sliding around my chest and sliding off to one side or the other, or sliding off my shoulders, or… well, the darn things just don’t want to stay where they belong.  And anytime you’re wearing an apron is a time when you *don’t* want to be worrying about your clothing staying in place.

The last awesome thing?  Is that it’s CUTE.  🙂  It’s a cute style, and while I have a few bones to pick with the construction directions (which are easily changed) I have none at all with the attractiveness factor.  There will be more of these aprons … soon.  Because if there’s one thing a housewife needs, that’s an apron!  I think I might crank out a few – I have a small “bits and pieces” stash problem…. and aprons would suit me to get rid of my problem.004

I think I should take a pic of my last apron, and just how sad it is, as I say hasta la vista.  It just hit the trashcan.


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