Shirt Sloper #1: Husband

I’ve been working on the shirt sloper for my husband.  The very first thing I’d like to say is, that 001having made one completely from scratch and measurements… NEVER AGAIN.   All the pattern companies make shirt slopers (although they make them for WOMEN) and next time I’m modifying and truing up a made-pattern and not going it alone.   Not the easiest thing I’ve done.

But I *am* done.  All done but the final test, aka “wearable muslin”.  (Two sheets died in various not-wearable muslins along the way).

Here’s the sleeve pattern, you can see all the places I tweaked and snipped and adjusted and considered sitting on the floor in tears… 002

And here’s how it looked after I trued up all the seamlines, cleaned everything up, and redrew it.  Then I redrew everything all nice and clean – using up every scrap of Swedish tracing paper on hand by the time I was done with the basic shirt.

And here’s the neatly cut-out shirt fabric – I hit the discount fabric store on Saturday, and picked this up for a trial run.  While I was cutting out, I made sure to take note of what I’d used of what I bought – wouldn’t have saved out much for not a plaid (maybe half a yard).  He’s a big guy – this is about 3.25 yards of fabric in 55″ wide.  Would be 3ish if it wasn’t a plaid or if it had been short sleeved.  005

I’m anxious to see how this plays out… and how my not-very-intense plaid matching worked out, what with the uneven pattern and all (what I was thinking, I do not know).  (Oh FINE.  I was thinking that the feel of this fabric is great, the colors suit him, and it was really the only thing in the store that pleased me).

A cool feature?  I made sure the pocket is as deep as his cell phone.  🙂  Yes, there has to be a pocket.  This works, really – the other pocket I was using was too small in scale to his torso.  This is much bigger, and I pointed the bottom instead of curving it, which was just …. painful.

Busy rabbit.


2 thoughts on “Shirt Sloper #1: Husband

    1. hearthie Post author

      It’s the master fitting pattern from which you make other patterns. Every pattern company has a sloper – usually it’s their “size 8” and they size up or down from there. For me, at home, it’s a perfectly fitting pattern for each of us.

      DH gets a shirt – I worked from the tight fit pattern and made a basic shirt. I can make it short sleeved or long sleeved, change the collar, add/remove the pocket – or get crazy and add pleats and stuff, if I really want to go there. For him, it’s just “the shirt you wear” because menswear is all about precision rather than interest.

      For myself, I’ll make a shirt and skirt, because I often wear dresses. And I will make two shirts – because I make a lot of princess seamed garments, it’s just easier than changing things over all the time.



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