Elspeth inspired me to make a 2015 post.  You’ve read the sewing things I’m working on in 2015… here’s other exciting stuff that is coming up, Lord willing.

  • BFF will finish out her cancer treatment.  First half of 2015 will suck – but then she gets to go back to her life.  Yay for modern medicine – and LOTS of prayer.  The mass is already half gone!
  • 14yo will start HS.  Still one thing to check, but it looks like he’ll be continuing at the charter school, but in person.  Half instruction, half online, only a few kids.  So looking forward to his new adventures – he’s awesome and I love him!
  • I’ll start mentoring at church
  • DH will get another body (or two, please at least two) at work, and maybe get some time to breathe.
  • I’ll keep learning to sew, and use my new slopers to turn out some really beautiful garments.

I’m so excited.  Boingy-boingy.

In the sewing news, I’ve got the shirt sloper for DH pretty well sorted front and back, and I’ll work on sleeves today.  He said I’d “felt him up” enough yday.  -laughs-  What?  I have to make sure the collar lays properly, do I not?  -flutters eyelashes-



4 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. pukeko60

    Cool list: and given the local high schools you have mentioned as a SD native, you have done well with the boy. Let the nerd grow strong… (Have produced nothing but nerd boys and girls)



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