Getting an early start

I thought I’d start on DH’s shirt-sloper first.  After all, he has to go back to work on Monday (boo, hiss) so I’d better be done with it by then!

Took measurements (but nowhere near enough) and did my math and sketched and… well, I have a back.  I want to take a squink out of the armscye..  Anyway, just for fun……..


This is where I realized that I hadn’t put in a curve-down for the neck opening, and needed to add some room to do that.   When taping things you will end up ironing… use paper tape!  It doesn’t melt.  Regular cello-tape does, pulling the pattern along with it.  You can get it in the first-aid area of your local store.

Really it’s not bad, at least so far.  I want to deepen the armscye as I said… and then I think I’ll just leave it alone until I get it into muslin to tweak.


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