Year in Review: 2014 Misses

Well, if you’re going to have a post of hits, you’d best have a post of misses, right?  :p

Here are the things that could have been done better in 2014…..  we live, we learn.

The dress might have been one of my big wins, but this bolero was a huge fail.  I put an enormous amount of work into it – but the fit is weird, the kimono sleeves aren’t my thing, the v-neck is too close to my face… over all?  Bleh.  Even my bound buttonholes are sad.  I should really send this to the DAV, as much as an ivory bolero *would* expand my wardrobe, this one isn’t great.

I frankensteined up a dress for my daughter in the Spring to this pattern and it was a hit, but she didn’t like the floppy 30s-esque sleeves.  So I changed the sleeves to a tulip sleeve when I made these dresses in September.  One problem?  The bodice that I was attaching the sleeves to isn’t meant for sleeves!  So the sleeves sat way back and they bind her.  Both of the thicker cotton dresses (this one and the lavender) suffer from this malaise… this one is the worst, because I decided to snag some fabric scraps and the thick quilting cotton didn’t play nicely with the thin navy eyelet, the eyelet is much too floppy to make a cute flippy skirt.

She still wears it, mind you.  But mostly around the house.

Another daughter-dress fail.  I am pleased with the lace work – it was my first run working with lace, and I did a decent job.  However, the pattern I picked for her ended up being wrong in *so* many ways.  Fortunately, my daughter grew four inches this year, so when she wears this dress (and the other three, which are less blocky) it’s only around the house and I don’t feel like I’ve been wasteful.

2014 was a fairly good year in sewing – so long as I took my time and did things properly.  When I didn’t, I experienced some spectacular fails.  What have I learned?  Well – I need to make  a sloper for my daughter!  🙂  I think she’d prefer some shirts to wear over leggings, too – she does love a good pair of leggings.   (I don’t mind her wearing leggings, so long as her rear is covered.  Leggings aren’t pants!)

Also – even though I had some fails, experiments on clothing that will be grown out of are the smart way to go.  If it doesn’t work, you don’t cry.

Let’s talk about 2015… and what I hope to make in the year ahead.


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