Capes, Dahling?

007Well.   If you will promise not to try to join the Incredibles, I suppose we could talk……..

009This is New Look 6073.  You’ll recall I had a moment, changing patterns before starting 10yo’s cape project.  She’s grown 4.5″ this year (that’s right.  Another half-inch this month).  She needs something at least moderately warm to wear on our few cool days here in Southern California.  But I don’t burn to make 010something that will be outgrown by Easter!  Call me crazy.  Thus, a cape.

*I’m blogging this before I hem it – I want to give it a day or so to drop before I sew it up.

The pattern sewed up like a dream, even in plaid and even with the times I got my pieces mixed up.   I would absolutely recommend this to someone as a beginner’s lined garment.  It’s got a nice drape to
it, too.  I considered interfacing the front, glad I didn’t – it doesn’t want the stiffness.  Princess seams + a hood + on-seam arm slits.

005I used a wool flannel from Mood (online) and a poly charmeuse lining from Joanne’s (local).

I pinked the edges of the wool to finish them.  Poly charmeuse is one of the most ravelly fabrics on the planet… and I didn’t want the bulk of a 001french seam to affect the way the cape draped.

Embroidery stitches to the rescue!  I sttiched down the seam allowances with my leaf seam.  It made a cool little ripple.  I like it, particularly for a child’s cape – you might not want this on your charmeuse fabric.  But you can see what it looks like!  🙂

If I needed another cape for something, I’d absolutely reuse this pattern.  It drapes beautifully, the hood is lovely (if large), and it was dead-easy.

Recommended – and not a bad “last make for 2014”.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Capes, Dahling?

    1. hearthie Post author

      Thank you! The pink was warmer in person than online, but we made it work. I’m hoping this bridges the 10yo desire for pink and the 13yo desire to wear something a little more sophisticated. This should last her a while….



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