End of the Year: Best of 2014

My favorite makes from 2014…

#1  The Coat.  For years I’ve dreamt of making this coat, while the fabric for it snuggled down deep in my cedar chest.  This was the year, and … I love it.  It was worth the month it took to sew, it was worth the work at fitting the muslin.  Couldn’t be more pleased, and it’s taken me (emotionally) to new places as a seamstress.

The post: http://hearth-tobelovely.blogspot.com/2014/11/ready-for-my-closeup-mr-demille.html

#2  The Little Dresses:  I’m counting them as the same dress, because they’re from the same pattern.  Much effort (again) went into fitting this pattern, and I put the same level of effort in finishing the dresses (although they’ll be in refit soon enough).  I wear them for date night, church, and anything else where I need to look my best.  (The bolero from the white dress goes on the “worst” list I’m afraid).

The posts:  http://hearth-tobelovely.blogspot.com/2014/08/and-one-in-turquoise.html


#3  A plaid shirt for DH:  The other shirts turn out to not fit quite as well when he lifts his arms, but this fits well and he looks amazing in it.

The post:  http://hearth-tobelovely.blogspot.com/2014/06/plaid-shirt.html

#4  A shirt for my dad… my folks went on a long trip this summer to visit all their Peace Corps buddies from back in the day.  I figured a shirt vaguely evocative of their days in Africa would be in order – and I was hoping the long sleeves would shield my dad’s skin from the summer sun.  He decided it was a dress shirt…

The post:  https://hearthroses.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/20229-027.jpg

#5 The Second Corset:  I changed everything, used silk as a fashion fabric, and have a garment that’s gotten worn nearly every day since!

The post:  http://alllaced.blogspot.com/2014/07/done.html

There will be new corsets soon!

Honorable Mention:  For sheer practicality and compliments garnered – I’ve worn these shirts all year and they’ve served well.

So – that’s the best… tomorrow I’ll have the worst, and we can start afresh in 2015!


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