Plan B: Or, check things when you get them for free!

The ASG meetings I attend always include a “what was I thinking?” table – for oddments of patterns, pieces of unused material, etc.  On my first jaunt through, I picked up a cape pattern.  I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it, then realized that a cape would be the perfect solution for a warm winter jacket for young ladies who grew 4″ this last year.

Christmas is over, and therefore Christmas Sewing is over.  (I had a bit more I could have sewn up, but I didn’t, and now I don’t have to.  Yay!)  I’m more than a tad fidgety.  Time to pop open the pattern and tissue fit… oh.  The pattern is missing some key pieces.  Yes, I did say I was up for some pattern drafting this year.  I wasn’t talking about THIS!  :p  (It was missing the front and the back).

I’ve already bought the fabric.  Hm.  And I don’t really want to make a real coat for her, because why go to all that time and expense for something that will only last a year.  Hm.

Plan B:

Now, to get to the fabric store and pick it up……………….

(This is a simpler cape, which is a bonus).


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