Sewing Challenge 2015: Design from Sloper

Every year, I set a sewing goal for myself.  In 2013 I learned to tailor a wool jacket.  In 2014 I started making my own corsets.  In 2015, my plan is to take the advice of the old sewing books… and start designing my clothing from a well-fitting sloper.

I’m going to start from scratch, and make myself an amazing sloper.  I’ve done fitting enough times at this point (and yes, I got that new fitting book – hooray!) that I’m ready to set that as a goal.  I need to do this not just for myself, but for my daughter and husband.  (I am *not* doing this for a 14yo boy, even if he did want me to sew for him.  Which he doesn’t).

I’m going to take those slopers and put them on proper paper, and I’m going to make a couple of them for myself – one for regular seams, one for princess seams.  Then.  Then I’m going to break out my copy of “Make Your Own Dress Patterns” and I’m going to start modifying and playing.  It’s not that I don’t know what lines would work best on me – I do!  BUT… finding those lines isn’t always so easy… I guess my figure hasn’t really been in fashion for a few decades.

The point of sewing for yourself is independence.  I’m ready to cut loose those last couple of mooring lines and soar…… it’s a little scary, and I do have a couple of patterns I’d like to make along the way, but it’s also time.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a fashion designer.  I’m 42.  Maybe it’s time to start.


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