Planning: Example in pictures

Sorry for picture quality.  With flash, you don’t get wobble.  Without flash, you can read what I wrote.  I picked “read able”.   There is also a very complete grocery list (the kind you make when you check your recipes) on the back of the menu – with where to get the items.  (Just two stores, different days.  The health food store that I frequent doesn’t sell marshmallow creme for the fudge, for instance.  I’d go two days anyway – fresh veggies and bread should be purchased close to the time they’ll be used).

Here’s the party menu.  Yes, lots of food.  Well, if you come to my house… there’s always lots of food.   I’m expecting 25 people at minimum, and they can stay for five minutes or five hours.  And I want leftovers for Christmas day.  We’ve had this planned for a while, but putting things on one piece of paper means I can *find them* when I’m looking.  Very important.


Here’s the to-do list, with the day it needs doing.  I moved my main cleaning day from Tues to Monday – I’m going to be in the kitchen most of Tuesday!!!  Anyway, trash-day is Monday, so I usually clean that day.  (This is really wobbly, sorry).  And this is why when you write things out in advance, you might decide that you’re overloading one day.  Yes, it looks like a lot on Wednesday, but it all has to be done that day.


Why no, I’m NOT moving on the day after Christmas, why do you ask?  😉

Seriously though, the family will help.  And when my husband starts moving, just *get out of the way*.  Speed demon doesn’t cut it.  But we have a tiny kitchen, so one person cooking is pretty much it, except for special things like “make gingerbread houses” which will be a kid-affair.

Hope this example helps someone.  Off to start the day!  😀


2 thoughts on “Planning: Example in pictures

  1. Elspeth

    Ha! I’m actually typing up a master schedule template and taking it to Staples or somewhere and have it made into a poster. I kid you not! I have so much I want to accomplish this upcoming year and without a plan (and some heavy accountability) it won’t get done.



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