Planning 2015

I’ve been looking back at 2014 and the sewing I’ve done, and while I’m pleased in the main, I’d like to be more focused going into 2015.  So… here’s the list, from the top of my head…


  • First she gets a cape…. as in, right after Christmas, I’ll break this out quickly – it is winter now, after all.
  • Blouses.  I’ve been talking to her about what she likes to wear and looking at the wears from years past.  Yes, she loves nothing better than a sundress for hanging around the house, but when she goes out, she’s all about the leggings.  I’m not good with leggings and anything fitted above the waist – so I see tunics in her future.  I’m going to make her own sloper.
  • Okay, a dress or two.  😉


  • Shirts!  I made shirts for him last year and they’re fun to make, in a weird sort of way.  So much less expensive than buying them, and the precision is good.  They need to be properly fit, and then I can seriously go to town.
  • Duster.  DH wore a duster back in the day… and I’d love to see him go forward with that.
  • Costume assistance:  He’s working on a cylon costume for cos-play… I’ll be doing the clothes, when we figure out what those are.


  • She asked me to make her a couple of blouses with a cowl neck.  Is one of her Christmas gifts.


  • A couple of blouses.  And maybe a robe or nightgown or something.  She’ll need to feel pretty after her surgery, and she never really gets the “right” clothes these days.


  • So much sewing!   I want to replace and replenish my blouse brigade – I have a ton of ideas, and I’d like to have several nice choices.  I found that I wore my blouses to death this year.
  • New corsets.  Same pattern.
  • Pretty dresses – I have two patterns in my “to be purchased” pile, and some great fabric.
  • Dirndl
  • Skirts – I have a length of lace to sew up as a skirt from last Spring, and I need to replace my older denim skirt, and well… I have fewer than 5 “daily” skirts in rotation and two dress skirts (which are Winter only) so I’d really like to expand my choices.

I found that my best sewing came from careful planning and taking time with fitting and fabric choices, so I will be embracing that in 2015.  I am hoping to score a shirt-making book for Christmas, and as you can see, 2015 is going to be the year of the shirt.  I’m also hoping to just sew a lot more in general in 2015!  I have so much I’d like to make… and first and finally, I’m going to take the time to make some slopers so I can work from there and not spend *so* much time fitting.  I spend more time fitting than I do sewing – I can’t meet my goals if I’m revamping each and every pattern.  Yes, I’ve got a couple of pretty dress patterns on my mind, but past that – it’s time to work from scratch and change sleeves and collars and fabrics.  Less interesting from a whimsical standpoint, but much more functional.   So – some serious time spent getting the fit just right for every member of my family, and then let us see the fabric fly!


7 thoughts on “Planning 2015

  1. Maeve

    Hearthie, over at Flamingo Toes blog is a link to this totally adorable piped bashet thingie that made me think of your shopping totes. I want to learn to sew so u can make it! Sewing must be in my future…its all your fault!


    1. hearthie Post author

      Yay! Happy to corrupt the youth of America, that’s me. 😀 Take it slowly… you’ll get there.

      PS I totally forgot to put my nightgown and robe on the list. See? Off the top of the head.


  2. Elspeth

    It’s sort of official. Homeschool friends have asked that we get together with our girls and learn to knit, sew and crochet things of substance as a part of our education plan for 2015. Once we figure out how to schedule it in, I’ll keep you posted. Maybe even blog some of it.


    1. hearthie Post author

      Woot! 🙂

      I will keep you posted on whatever randomness 10yo decides to create, then. I told you she made mini-rice-bags for her stuffies and then made some more, put catnip in them, and gave them to the cats? -lol-



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