The Take

I was extremely restrained.  I think at some point I might consider making a shopping list and going up to buy a wardrobe’s worth of material… but here we are.

002  Here is the stretch velvet.  It’s not the most exciting fabric, since it’s a polyester… and we all know how I feel about artificial fabrics… but hey.  It was ***cheap*** and it’s beautiful and soft.  I say “elegant robe”.  If I lined it in a cotton, it might be pretty nice.   Maybe I won’t make something for me, but will make something for BFF.  She loves this stuff.

I took just the tiniest sliver of the picture of the cherry red poly charmeuse, because it photographed into eye-searing brightness.  You get the idea.

At $2.50 per pound, these can live in my stash until they find a purpose.


Now this, this is silk.  Can you tell, even from my less-than-wonderful photos?  I think you might just…. I seriously could move into that store and never come out.  Ever.  They have a row of bolts, floor to ceiling in different shades of the rainbow.  That’s not to speak of the miles of brocade, or the lace or… all stuffed into a shop the size of my dining room.  Yeah.  Naughty.

Weft is not interesting to photograph, so no pix.  However, for my records, I bought T-411GG weft, which is just perfect for interfacing dresses.  Lovely LOVELY drape.   Speaking of stores I could move into.  😉


7 thoughts on “The Take

    1. hearthie Post author

      It is as nothing, my dear. As nothing. Someday I’ll go up with a shopping list. THEN you’ll see a haul. 😉

      Also, I’ve decided I need a ladies-who-lunch lifestyle so I can wear silk suits on the regular. Silk matka makes my heart beat faster.


      1. Maeve

        Yep – I’m all over that lunchiness with you. And the silk. Divine. I could live in linen, cotton and silk (no particular order), but for nightwear – silk all the way!

        OT – that is one unbelievable pinterest board you set for me – and do you ever have me pegged.

        Liked by 1 person

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