Los Angeles Garment District and Public Transportation

Did you know that LA has a subway?  Yeah, me neither.  Well, until a year or so ago… and I’ve been meaning to find out how simple (or not) the ride up to the garment district is.  (Things you don’t want to do in life include driving in downtown LA).

Took a train up to Union Station.  The train was $31.50, round trip.  Took the Red Line subway to Pershing Square (turns out we could have gotten out one stop later and been closer).  Subway trips are $1.75 per direction, however far you go, including bus trips.   $3.50 round-trip.

Pershing Square was an (interesting) 10 minute walk (or less) away from a store I should *not* be allowed anywhere near.  http://www.bblackandsons.com/  Go ahead.  Go look.  I’ll wait.  Here’s a hanky for the drool.  Today I held myself back and only bought weft interfacing.  (I still have the silk matka from my last trip.  Speaking of drooling).

And then we wandered over to the fabric district proper… yeah.  I found the silk store I scored the charmeuse in on my first trip – and got some more (I mentioned needing a new nightgown, yes?) in purple.  Oh yes.  So soft it makes you cry.  It washes up a little less soft, but we don’t have not-washable sleeping clothing.  Still stupid levels of soft.

And nothing would do but I stick my nose into the fabric per pound store… where I scored quite a bit of stretch velvet and a little polyester charmeuse (future lining) for, um… $12.

It was so much easier and nicer than on the weekend… t’will be done again.

Oh, we were done *so early* that my dad said, “I’ve always wanted to go see the Angelus Temple” so… we did. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angelus_Temple  This involved a bit more walking and a bus ride… the day ate 7 miles according to my pedometer.  And my body.  But fun!  Lots of fun.  I needed a good adventure.

Had some lunch outside Union Center and came home, where my beloved hubs had gotten dinner… yay!


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