I long ago lost the ability to draw really well… but that doesn’t mean that I don’t make sketches!  Nothing better to make a test about “will this work” or not…

First sketch… my nightgowns are wearing out and my robe is boring and pilly.  I wonder…

So this is a nightgown draped at the collarbones, which falls loosely over the upper torso (hello, no support garments under sleeping things) to a fitted waist (I’m not sure how well this would work, but it’s needed visually) and then into a knee-length A-line skirt.

007I didn’t bother to put sleeves on my robe sketch.  Sleeves is sleeves.   But I’ve been admiring mandarin collars, and you can get some very pretty closures at Joanne’s these days… wouldn’t it be just fun to make a crushed velvet robe?  (The crushed velvet at the stores is washable.  I’m not making anything I will cook breakfast in out of anything I can’t wash.  That’s just crazypants).  Fitted at the waist, otherwise not particularly fitted except at neck & shoulders.  (Same reason as above).  (Actually, sleeves – I think that a button thing on the arm so I can pull my sleeves up for cooking would be a *good* thing).  (Hm, velvet with practicality – that might be too odd).

Some assorted sketches – wins and losers.  I want another dirndl (or should I say, DH wants me to have another).  Going to have to make a skirt just to go with it.  NOT a dirndl skirt, which is a simple gathered skirt, which is not kind to the plush of belly.  010

Sketched out a collar on a dress I’m planning to make this spring.  Looks like it will be a winner.  Sketched a blouse/skirt combo – good lines there, I like.   Oh that high neck I like?  Well, that’s not going to get made for a while… 😛  Not cute.

And finally, I’d really like another long plaid skirt… but the simple A-line I have pulls off of grain and is a really fabric-eater.  What about using the six-gore?  What about cutting it on the bias?


Looks like the six-gore is a win, but NOT cut on the bias, that one looks good straight on and otherwise gives me a headache.  I think the other could be very flattering if I found the right fabric.

I guess I could have sketched out perfect squares for the plaid, but life is too short for that.  I used graph paper I keep for my daughter’s math assignments.  Worked well.

Planning = win.  😀


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