2015 Sewing Goals and Daydreams

I’ve been busy with life and sewing crafty things for Christmas (tutorial sometime this week for “how to make grocery bags”) so of course daydreaming has been happening!  🙂

I’d like to learn to start pattern drafting for myself and family in 2015.  When I look at all the changes I make to a standard pattern, I know I can do this – I very nearly do it every time I make (yet another) mock-up.

Of course time-savings is a big reason to make a proper basic pattern (or two), but more so – I have been frankensteining bits together, and it doesn’t work as well as it might.   Sometimes I’m frankensteining the same pattern together … and that doesn’t work well *either*.   No, it’s time to start from scratch.

So… what are my next sewing projects, after the crafts?

1)  Winter cape for 10yo.

2)  My mom wants me to make her a couple of blouses from some silk she brought back from Vietnam.  (On her Christmas list as gifts, but she doesn’t necessarily want the blouses themselves as gifts).

3)  BFF asked for an apron – and I’m well-overdue to replace mine.  (Don’t ask me why I only have one apron when I cook everyday.  I should probably repair that while I’m at it).

4) I need to replace at least two of my blouses from last year (just wear – dark, thin cottons unsurprisingly fade quickly) and make more – once I had blouses that fit well and fit “me”, I wore them pretty much every day.

5) A couple of corsets (this will be blogged over at ALU when I make them – I keep the corsetry over there, lest I have subscribers who would prefer not to see lingerie or listen to the discussions that one must have if one is going to talk about fitting it).  Going to use my tried-n-true adjusted pattern, adding some extra boning.   My current corset’s fashion fabric is starting to wear through in spots!

Assorted projects that don’t have a time-limit, but for which I have the materials:

  • pretty dresses – I’m picking up patterns today.
  • lace tiered skirt
  • shirts for DH.  He has enough shirts, but he needs them improved
  • flannel petticoat to wear under my skirts when it’s cold (mostly cold in the patio where I sew)
  • camisoles
  • etsy stuff (another sewing goal for 2015, about which you’ll hear more later)
  • clothes for 10yo (other than the cape)

As always, I’m filled up and poured over with ideas… I just need to get out there and sew!  😀


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