Christmas Sewing: Mom’s Nightgown (Folkwear 201)

Second big chunk of Christmas sewing… complete!


I made the first Folkwear 201 for my daughter (see out of cozy pink  flannel.  This nightgown is for my mom, and is white linen embroidered in scarlet, with scarlet buttons and red lace ’round the collar.  (My mom’s favorite color is red.)

I started with embroidered cuffs…


And added the embroidery on the yoke.  I wish my machine embroidery was a bit more accurate… well, we live and learn.  It still looks pretty awesome.  All seams are french seams, there are no rough edges.

The white linen is a midweight linen of good quality from Blumenkinder.  The ever-kind seller told me that she, personally, would love a nightgown made from this linen … and while mid-weight linen is never a summer fabric here, I think it might make a fine nightgown for Spring (and Fall).

Usually I wouldn’t tumble-dry linen, but since this is a nightgown (and my mom uses her dryer these days) it is in my dryer right now, softening up so I can give it a final press and put it away to be wrapped.

Folkwear 201 goes down as a good voluminous nightgown pattern, and can be packed up until next Winter.  Time to clean the sewing room… there’s plenty more work to do!


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