Harmonious Colors

013(worn denim skirt, worn striped shirt, new tanktop)

So.  You’re thinking about this “making a personal palette” thing, and wondering – why bother?

One of the reasons that I strive for a personal palette is that when I have one, all my clothing goes together – at least as far as color is concerned.   That means I can do what I did today – take the blue plaid flannel I was wearing over the above tank top and replace it with the striped green overshirt.   Everything still matches.  No thinking required!

When I stick to my colors, my skirts and blouses mostly go together.  One shirt, four skirts – it all works.  That expands my wardrobe.

It’s not all about black and white and other neutrals when you’re careful about color.  Yes, that white dress I posted yesterday will go with every jacket or bolero I own… but you know, so will the turquoise.  (Well.  Possibly there are a couple of combinations that work on the color wheel but might frighten the pigeons).

This is old-school fashion advice.  If you’re trying to build a wardrobe, the last thing you want is an item that can only be worn one way.  Usually you see that advice in old fashion books, with charts about what suit to buy and how many blouses go with.  But the same advice applies to casual clothing!

When you have harmonious colors in your closet, the world is your oyster.

One little problem?  You’re probably going to want to make sure things are made well, because when you have fewer clothes, they get worn more often!


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