Ugly or Gorgeous? Or… why bother with this stuff?

Women have bought into the lie of “Ugly or Gorgeous”?  When I was the new kid in a ritzy school, I got targeted by some mini-socialites, and they used to play a game with me where they’d come up and ask if I thought that I was ugly or gorgeous.  I remember looking at them and saying, “Pretty”.  But that wasn’t an okay answer.  Honestly, I was realistic about my looks (minus my grooming, which needed help, as does most 6th graders’).

By the time I’d spent three years with that crew (not by choice), I’d been pretty well convinced that I was ugly after all.  And I gave up.  Gave up trying.  I was just going to cover myself from head to toe and try not to be noticed.  It took my husband a year and a half of compliments to get me out of that rut.

Most of the women that I see seem to have chosen up sides.  They either choose to go full throttle to display their sexuality and all of their wares – or they give up and wear what amounts to men’s clothing.  There are very few women who walk the line now, who know how to be beautiful.

This is sad.  Very few women look good in either the full display or the men’s clothing.  Some do, certainly… but they’re few and far between.  Most women’s looks are improved by a bit of lipgloss, a ribbon or two, and clothing made to accentuate their curves.  Women generally look more feminine and attractive while wearing colors.

Why do we have to be sure of winning every prize in order to get up and play the game at all?

This is not a win/lose game.  It’s a continuum… and every day calls a different face to the fore.


One thought on “Ugly or Gorgeous? Or… why bother with this stuff?

  1. Ouida Gabriel

    When I was a child my classmates would say “Ouida, you’re pretty” when I would say thank you they would say “Pretty ugly.” Oh how I hated that. I didn’t think I was pretty until I was in my 20’s and even then it took years to realize that I was a knockout back when I barely thought I was cute. The world has a way of tormenting us, that is for sure.

    Both my husband and my families run on the thick side. I praise to the Heavens how curves are beautiful and size 8 is not expected. More importantly I focus on what Christ expects of us, the real beauty of our spirits. That is most important but as some preacher said “the barn needs painting once in awhile” or sow thing to that effect.LOL.

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