Small Business: What does that mean?

I have linked a couple of small businesses in my sidebar.  How small?  HOME businesses.


1) I’ve done business with them both, and they’re awesome.  Excellent product.

2) I believe in small, family business.  And that means we have to *support* said businesses.  So – since this *my* blog, I am choosing to link to their sites.  Maybe BG will sell a couple more bars of soap.  Maybe BK will sell an extra yard of fabric.  GOOD.  Are either one of these ladies paying me off?  Puhleeze.  They don’t even know I’ve done this…. yet… 😉

If you want in, you have to contact me privately.  Mostly this is for folks I know personally, but talk to me.   And for those I do know personally – when you get organized, send linkage.  This is how we take care of each other.  By doing it.


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