Introduction? Nah, you people know me already.

I got a bug in my ear to move my TBL site over to WordPress from Blogspot.  Not that I don’t like the other site, but I like some of the functionality that WP offers.  So, I’ve spent the afternoon setting up pages with links and whatnot – I feel like this will give folks a better idea of what I have in mind, and it’s much more visually appealing.  (Plus, I have a LOT of good style posts I’d like permalinked – can’t make endless lists in Blogspot, but I have a feeling WP will let me do just that).

I’m not going to kill of TBL in the foreseeable future – I’ve been writing there for years.  I have a lot of content that I’m very pleased with and have no interest in losing.

However, I’m going to be putting *new* content here.

Hope you like your visit to Hearth’s Rose Garden.  😀


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