Blackwatch Plaid

I made a second jumper for 14yo.  Same pattern as the skulls (I just have it pinned rather than draped to Betsy).   Hanging the hem for a couple of days – I expect this fabric to drop.


She’s going to love it.   The cotton flannel is so soft and snuggly…


It won’t last.  I sent out for this fabric with my order of the second bit of skull fabric, I thought 14yo could use a second dress, and that would skip paying for shipping.

I’m not thrilled.  I’ve bought a few pieces of fabric off of – and all of it has been about Joann’s level of quality.  (Not.High).  It’s going on my list as the place to shop when I want something very specific (like skulls) but not necessarily something quality.  I’ve about a 90% success rate with – I’ll stick to them for my basic stuff (and Mood for the Good Stuff).   They run sales constantly – if you sew, please go over and register for their emails.   It’s worth waiting for your desired bit to go on sale, the sales are REALLY good and the fabric has been quite good.

This fabric is very thin, it stretches off grain if you look at it hard, and it’ll be pilled in 5-10 washes.  After the first bit of wrestling, I stopped worrying about trying for perfection and just let it be.   I’m normally sniffy about getting my plaids matched (the pinnacle was plaid-matching a princess-seamed shirt) and … yeah, no.    Whatever.  She’s 14.   Horrible Things were going to happen to it anyway.

But it will be cute for the moment.  And it gave me a break from writing, which I needed.  Next up, I’ve promised to sew something nice for 18yo in vests.   He’s seriously owed.

To shop!


Real. Always real. Go Truth!!!


Real sourdough bread.  Made from scratch.  On a cloth made from scratch.  (Thank you, Fiber! Yes, I use them!)  Further “realed” with fresh eggs from one of my coaches/friends into french toast and organic strawberries.  INSANELY filling breakfast… I only ate one slice.  (Of course I am incapable of slicing thin slices of homemade bread, so there’s that).

Personal Style Development: Teen Version

My 14yo is in her goth phase.  Well, sorta goth.  Sometimes goth, sometimes Pusheen.  Or Kawaii.   Or, “I don’t care, I’m wearing something comfortable”.  Very, very 14.

I’m an image consultant and I *could* be a real brat and tell her what she was going to wear.   I don’t.   I set limits with Why as well as What – and then I let her go for it.  You might even say I aid and abet.

Well, why not?  I’m a firm believer in “you have discover your personal style for yourself” – and I’m also a firm believer in self-discovery being a primary function of teen-age-hood.    As adorable as she looks wearing her Pusheen sweater now, when she’s 24 it won’t be quite as cute.   (I also think you should thoroughly enjoy the life-stage you happen to inhabit).    (Why yes, she does have blue streaks in her hair – when else is it appropriate to have blue hair?)

She, of course, has a pinterest page, and this made her “to beg for” list:


They looked pretty cheesy, so I said, “I can make that!” … and then I couldn’t find any lavender bat fabric.   Who knew?  And right before Halloween, too.  (I did find sexy zombie pinup fabric, which pleases me aesthetically even though neither 14yo or I will ever be wearing it).

I did get an overall dress pattern (the above are shorts, but … no.  I’m not fitting shorts/pants, because no) and then I found some cute fabric online.   Had a few struggles making it, mostly because I obsessed so much about matching the pattern that I cut two identical skirt pieces instead of two mirrored pieces.  Had to order more.

So, minus the holes in the shoulder straps (because I need her to try it on and she’s in the bathtub) and the hem, we have a complete goth dress.  It doesn’t show well on my dress form, she and I aren’t the same shape *at all*.   But here you go.  One goth overall dress… and a dress pattern that fits well enough that the Blackwatch plaid (flannel) that I bought will make a nice winter version.   🙂  Assuming it drops below 60 this winter, which I doubt.


She’ll wear it over a t-shirt and probably with her calf-height lace up moto boots… and she’ll enjoy this moment in time.   Which she should, because her INTRINSIC style type is Super Secretary of Doom.  (The girl makes the most respectable clothing look interesting and suitable.   It’s seriously disturbing in a teenager, let me tell you – much more disturbing than her blue hair or skull dress).

So.  We have another dress.  Ta-da!

Picture posting for reference

Goal weight photo.  Except I don’t expect to be this WEIGHT again, because when I was 18, I didn’t lift.


I do actually know my measurements, at least waist/hip.  28 w, 34 h.   Could NOT get that waist measurement down, no matter how many situps I did.


(I look annoyed because I have to go to work while the rest of town went to the coming-home parade for Gulf War 1, although that is why I’m wearing that t-shirt, it was the uniform of the day).

Nostalgia Rainbow

This make was 100% whim.  I grabbed the fabric from the free pile on a whim, I looked up the photo of the skirt that whispered into my memory, and I drew up the “pattern” on a total whim.

(Pattern is a total misnomer – this is two rectangles, a waistband, two big pockets and a bit of elastic – it took me a couple of hours to put together).




New Skirt:



I changed the stripe direction just for fun.  I like the extra hip volume that a statement pocket gives me.

This is an around-the-house or errands skirt, it’s very casual, kinda faded, very whimsical.  But sometimes you need to give into that little kid inside – especially when the investment in time and cash is virtually nil.

Anywho.   I sewed!

I tracked 14yo’s fabric, should be here tomorrow.  The question now is… should I start playing with the linen dress for myself, or should I take a break?   Hm……….