This is why my kids don’t go out much


Another case, in a city nearby…

This kind of crap seems to be in the water here.  My kids have been approached by creepers in the local park.  Fortunately, they weren’t alone… another mom and I were there too.

I’ve seen a guy ask a kid to help him find his puppy between two buildings… yeah, anytime a college-aged dude runs away from a matron like yours truly?  He’s up to no good, no good at all.

I hate how it limits our kids.  My husband isn’t even all that comfortable with our 12yo walking up 4 houses to my BFF’s house by herself.

When my son was 10 or so, he and his buddy (female) lived about half a mile apart.  The mom of the girl and I were friends, thought our (extremely responsible, tall for their age) kids might be allowed to each walk 1/4 mile, meet, and go to the corner store together.  Buy some candy, get away from their siblings, just … be kids in the summer, you know?

Our respective husbands, proposed this idea, separately turned pale and forbade the whole thing.  Both men grew up in this neighborhood.  They didn’t get along.  They didn’t discuss it with one another.  It just wasn’t happening.  Ever.

This infuriates me.  I keep my kids penned up unless they’re with me… which means they lose out on life.  They SHOULD be able to go out, skin their knees, meet other kids, get some sunshine, see what’s around the corner… but no.  Not unless they’re attached to my hip.

Well, 16yo (who is bigger than I am) can now travel a grand 1/2 mile alone…. but that’s all.  When I was 16, when my husband was 16 – we went all over.  That’s what bikes were for.  What feet and friends were for.

If you ever want to know what’s really at the heart and soul of my always wanting to leave my life in SoCal, welcome to it.  This.  It’s THIS.  This sucks.  The traffic is annoying.  The hot and cold running people always everywhere all the time gets really really OLD.  But THIS.  This is the center.   And it really happens, and it really happens right here, on my street, around the corner, up the hill.  -growl-

I am usually sunshine and bunnies – but this makes me MAD.  My kids lose out, other kids lose their innocence or their very lives… because evil.


Ups and downs: Gym Records Etc

Does everyone want to know a secret?

  • Even if you aren’t hurting that much, being damaged really upsets your body and thus your emotions.

OY.  So, had my root canal last week, today I got my temporary crown on.  That sounds so much less major than it is – they grind off a bunch of tooth, take an impression, etc, etc, etc.  90 min in the dentist’s chair, y’all.  But I don’t have a nerve there anymore… so all we really came home with is some soreness from having my jaw propped open and gum tenderness (thread stuffed under your gums, yay). (Getting the permanent crown doesn’t take long/isn’t too traumatic – or so they say, it’s just getting the temp off and setting in the purty one).

I figured, okay – no big, I feel fine, just going to get over the anesthetic and we go on with life.  And then somehow I find myself sobbing into my pillow.  What the heck?    I am about DONE with me, people.  Just about done with being weak.  I have things to do.  I do not have any interest in being the weak one.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.   And I did not want take out for dinner.  (DH is the sauce which is awesome, I was not permitted to get near the kitchen tonight – I’m mad at me, not his awesome provisionness or love.  Also, I was eating properly again since this wkend, and …. sigh).

That would be in total contrast with yesterday 1) in general and 2) last night at the gym.  Due to the whole root canal business, having a body full of antibiotics, etc, I hadn’t hit the gym in a while, and the bod was just screaming for a good workout.  And that’s after a full day deepcleaning the pantry and freezers!

3 20 17 A3 20 17 B

I’ve been favoring my bad foot again, which it seems I do as soon as I’m not lifting… so my opposite knee was a bit sore, so I didn’t get crazy with the weights.  However, I’m thrilled to say that I was doing proper cleans – squatting DOWN like I’m supposed to.  That’s an accomplishment for me.

I don’t do split jerks because of the bad foot – don’t really like to jump that much.  Lil bounce for a push-jerk, which is why my notes say, “PP/J” instead of “SJ”.

Was getting pretty winded through the C&Js, and excited to see backsquats on the list (HBBS = High bar backsquats), so didn’t try to kill myself there.  Was taking it easy on the knee, and my setups weren’t all that they could be – backsquats have been missing from our rotation, so I’m out of practice – getting up past my bodyweight on the shoulders is hard… the lift not so much, just getting it settled and moving into position (you walk backwards a step or two).  But that said?  The training has made me strong enough that the 90% lift was completely comfortable.  I will be surprised if I can’t make some gains on my old number the next time we go for PRs.  Well, after I get my knee sorted.  (I know it was from favoring because all I had to do to “fix”it, even squatting heavy, was to pigeon-toe slightly).   My core has gotten a lot stronger (if only it would get smaller…) because today I feel basically nothing in my back, and I’m pretty sure that rib pain is from what we substituted in for the yoke complex.*

I missed backsquats, they’re one of my favorite lifts (I prefer powerlifting to oly lifting, c’est la vie), and they’re something I’m good at, so I’m hoping that coach re-integrates them into our practice, even though BBC is an *olympic* lifting club.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?  😀

*Oh, what did we sub in, and why?  There were only the two of us gals there at that hour (1), we’d just done backsquats, which are a very similar move (2), and the yoke, unloaded, weighs 180lb, so we were going to have to do it together (3), so Coach substituted a plank tabata – 20 sec on, 10 seconds off, 8 rounds… of elbow to hand plank.   She let us do the last three rounds as leg lifts, we were getting fairly gelatinous in the arms by round five.  (

so all in all?  Yday I felt amazing and got a ton done … today I feel like I was steamrollered by the emo train.


**Because I need the ego boost, you might note that my current PR backsquat is 235, and I’ve been training for less than 3 years.   I’m chasing “Advanced” status and hoping for “Elite” within the next two years.  My deadlift is between Adv and Elite.  My bench is only intermediate though, my upper body strength has a long way to go.  This is my sport.  Yeah, I still think it’s pretty crazy.


Sewing: Vogue 8991

8991Ah today… today I woke up feeling like myself for the first time in weeks.  T’was lovely.

So I made another attempt at a couture muslin – the second jacket looks MUCH better on me than the first did.  Have changed patterns to this one:

DSC05339Got the muslin cut the other day, sewed and altered today – I over-altered the paper pattern, so had to add a bit back.  The alterations at the moment are to reduce the back pieces by 3/4″ horizontally, taper the front piece substantially at the collar from the bust point (thanks, pushups), and shorten the arms by 3″.   Interestingly, I did shoulder-to-elbow and elbow-to-wrist measurements and ended up doing all the reduction above the shoulder.  The muslin’s sleeves fell very nicely, so that’s good.

DSC05340I was seriously considering going straight to the good fabric, but I decided that topper/jackets are a wardrobe staple, and I should make up a not-couture version to do final fit testing… see if it’s *really* comfy, if I love it, all that kind of thing.  I’m so not using at all the same fabric, which will be “interesting” but hey.  I’m going to make myself a denim jacket.  I don’t have one right now, and if that’s not a wardrobe staple, what is?

Plus, this is a very complicated pattern with a million pieces – a first draft is not a bad plan.  I won’t be doing the handworked buttonholes or that kind of thing, but will be following the general assembly instructions, just substituting the usual machine sewing for the handsewing – and skipping a lot of the basting and whatnot.  I’m not basting denim.  No.

Today I got the notions purchased (I had the fabric and lining in stash) and got the DSC05337interfacing and the lining cut/marked.  You can see my pattern changes on the pieces – these are my stacks of “interfacing only”, “lining only” and “fabric and/or”.  Tomorrow I can cut the fashion fabric and mark it, and then we can start sewing.

Well, in the middle of the rest of my life, which has been far too crazy lately.

The root canal last week went amazingly well, and my husband can almost digest normal food now…  I think we may be off the all-carb & chicken diet soon.  I hope.

OOTD: No, I’m not striking today

Today I’m taking my swollen face (root canal next Tuesday) and going to the grocery store, after I drop the kids off at school.

From the grocery store I’ll return home, give the dog a medicated bath, give the cat her flea pill (hoping this works!), fold some laundry and catch up with a friend… then go back to get the kids (short day) then come home, have a nap (believe me, I need a nap) and then I’ll make a nice dinner for my husband, after picking up my son from the gym.

We normally go out on Wednesdays, but I look like half a chipmunk and part of my lips are numb.  So, um.  No.

If you want women to strike for Int’l Women’s Day, you shouldn’t attach it to a group who wears pink hats and refuses association with pro-life organizations.


Seasonal Eating

Just a quick post because E has been talking about jumping on the ancestral eating bandwagon.  For those of us whose ancestors lived where there are profound seasonal changes in food availability, there is also something called seasonal eating.

You’ll find information about seasonal patterns of eating in any farming or homesteading discussion, and in old books about life away from cities generally.  You eat what there is to eat.  That’s why my NW European mutt genes digest fermented dairy very well.  What else is there to eat, much of the year?   Animal fat (including dairy) is walking vitamin storage for places where there isn’t much vegetation to be had for 1/4-1/2 of the year.  Meat, it’s what’s for dinner.

In the WINTER.  And we get confused about that because we forget that the way our ancestors ate in December (when the harvest was relatively fresh, and everything is cold) and in June are very different.  You’re not going to kill a cow (except for a special occasion or if it’s dying anyway) in the middle of summer – you can’t consume the meat before it goes off.  Ancestral peoples were not wasteful of food.  Heck, my MOM gets up in arms if she sees food wasted.  It’s a very recent thing where we let food go to waste.

So, seasonal eating is about eating what’s ripe and available in the season you happen to be in, in the locale you happen to live in.   (I might like to eat heavy fatty sugar foods to bulk up for a Northern winter, but I live in SoCal, and really I can manage donuts about once every couple of months without getting grossed out.  I have lived in cold climates – that changes, believe me).

When spring rolls around, you’re going to start eating fresh green things, as many as you can shove down your throat.  Why?  You haven’t even *seen* a fresh green thing in months, you’re craving them.  You know half of rhubarb is poisonous?  And we EAT them – they’re an early spring delicacy.  Cravings, they are.  And you’re probably starting to run low on the meat stores – which is fine, because it’s starting to warm up anyway.

Bodies naturally gain weight when the days grow shorter, and lose weight when days grow longer.  Yes, there is a rhythmic nature to your weight fluctuations.  But if you live in central heating, you probably don’t need to let it take over… also, you’re not running out of food in late winter/early spring, so … um… yeah, we do have to be aware that we don’t have those needs anymore.  (linkie)

In the early summer, you have a ton of eggs, you’re starting to see some berries, you’ve got lettuces, and you’re getting more milk from your dairy animals.  At this point, except for fish and fowl, you probably aren’t eating a ton of meat.   Late summer means food everywhere, but you’re also working your tail off getting it harvested and processed for winter.  Same for fall.

And the traditional season for butchering animals starts in October… when it starts to get cold enough to keep the meat with primitive methods of preservation.   And we have a ton of eating-centric holidays in the harvest months.  Hm.  I wonder how *that* happened…

I think all of this stuff is fairly logical.  What’s available to eat where you are, when you are, is probably what you need to eat to stay healthiest – as long as you’re eating all of the things, which most of us don’t.  (No tiny fishes for me, I’m sorry).  Adjust according to your body’s needs, your environmental needs, pay attention, and substitute in matching foods for the foods you just aren’t eating.  /shrug.


Sewing: Next Big Thing

Weird frugal thing yours truly just did…. I cut up a mildewy shower curtain as a jacket muslin.  I  was about to toss it, because mildew – then I said, “wait – I’m going to need a thick fabric … I could use this..” so I washed it, dried it, and cut it up.

What are we making?v8804sx

Vogue 8804, Claire Schaeffer

The Chanel jacket… couture quality, couture details.   Checked on Pattern Review?  Approx 100 hours of work to complete. (Aka do not make a ‘sample version’ – go straight to the good material).

Once my muslin is fit within an inch of its ever-lovin’ life, I’ll get to work.  I ordered the fiddly bits that I can’t get in town tonight – silk organza interfacing, silk buttonhole twist, beeswax to iron into the buttonhole twist (oh yes, the insanity just gets warmed up), and unfinished shoulderpads.  I’ll find buttons and trim here, I’d rather look at those in person.



It should be truly glorious.  I’m giving myself permission to switch to the other Claire Schaeffer design (mandarin collar, princess seams in back, different sleeve treatment) if this muslin isn’t flattering.  I’d rather stay with this if I can, I have a feeling the silk woven won’t want to mold the way wool would, and I’m not sure about dye transfer.

I have some other things I’ll be working on in the meantime, but this is where it be for now.


Little Green Dress

dsc05278I’ve been working on this poor dress for over a month.  Today I had enough time and mental capacity to get it finished.  Good thing I waited, somehow there were fitting issues that didn’t show up until all was said and done.  Irritating!  I did what I could… and I am overall, quite pleased with how it came out.

This is the usual, “I just finished sewing this” picture, the “all gussied up” picture will wait for a week or so until DH and I go out properly.

I think I’m going to need shoes…


Anywho.  Sewing details.  I used Gertie’s Butterick pattern for the top – 6412, for those of you sewing along at home.   I’d had the bottom from my dirndl, which due to benchpresses, no longer fit.  No sense wasting good fabric – and this is silk.  In my favorite color.  Embroidered with flowers.  Definitely not wasting it!!

I added a couple of details – I did a soft gather at the dsc05279side of the sleeve with some small covered buttons.  I felt like the originally drafted sleeve was just TOO plain for such a pretty dress.   I *love* how the sleeve came out, it has just enough personality.

The other change was changing the button placement – the buttons aren’t on buttonholes, so that was no big deal.  (The top button is sort of flopped over, don’t mind it).  DH said he didn’t care for the evenly distributed design from Gertie, dsc05280


he felt that it distracted from the neckline.   Moved buttons, reduced by one.   And I showed you the self-belt I made a few weeks back.  Cute, yes?  I’ll be using THAT trick again!

The sewing was relatively straightforward.  I didn’t use instructions, but mostly I don’t now.  I’ve sewn lined bodices before.  (I didn’t line the sleeves, I almost never do).

Oh, and the color in the bottom picture is closest to reality.  😀

I’m glad to be done with this… of course I think I’ll take on something REALLY challenging next… that couture jacket.