More dresses online

Apparently, from the land of cleavage.  …

But the fit is good.  DH thinks the green dress is a tad tight, which is not a problem.  It scoffed at the bustline snap and popped that open … I think it wants to be a date night dress, that’s what I think.

The blue dress is also low cut, but it works.  And will look cutest with my coral cardigan for work.

We all stayed home today because of a big storm, which was sort of underwhelming, but my daughter feels awful and the rest of us seem to be appreciating the rest.  I know I am, I needed this (and some pretty dresses) badly.

Vaguely sorry about picture quality, battery was low, and it’s dark today so …

PS Adding 2″ to the shoulder-to-waist measure on my Eshakti order was what was called for.


Just updating

Life is good.  Busy.  Good.

I’m not writing much because

  1. I’m spending most of my writing energy on the book.
  2. I don’t have anything rantworthy going on in my head except the usual, and … I’m bored with “usual”.
  3. Everything else is going pretty well, even if it’s going at the speed of light.  I mean, I’m tired, but it’s a useful tired.
  4. I haven’t had time to sew in ages.
  5. Nothing is happening as in, “news items”, it’s all samesame, just… lots?

I ordered a couple of dresses more from Eshakti, after the first dress was such a success.  They should be here in a week or so.

I ordered some perfume from BPAL – one I’d had ages ago and a “give it a shot”.  Epic fail.   They changed the formula on the old one, took it from sweet to… I don’t know, but it was nasty.   They threw in a sample of something I like very much, but it fades quickly.  I may order some… I don’t know.  Have to contemplate.  (Perfume is an issue for me, my body chemistry makes most perfumes do Bad Things, and I *love* perfume.   Finding my signature scent is one of my Holy Grail things).

My coach decided I was eating too many yams (3/wk) and has asked me to substitute rutabagas as much as is practicable.  I have had to start counting out my almonds (overintake).  Pure powerlifting workouts are the awesomesauce.  My bod totally loves the new plan, restrictive or not – it’s good for me.

I’m up to 28 hours/wk at work.  Hopefully just temporarily.  Although God is making use of this moment in time.

God’s moving … fast.

My life looks a lot like this right now:

Observations on having cleaned out my closet

  1.  I can never buy polyester again.  I don’t care if it’s the only thing in the stores.  I don’t care if it’s otherwise perfect.  I HATE POLYESTER.  I got rid of otherwise perfectly adequate garments today – because they were made out of dead dinosaurs.   I stared straight at a blouse and said, ‘You match almost all my skirts. I probably need you.  And I hate you.  Goodbye!”
  2. Rayon is acceptable, but only at an inexpensive price point, because it has a short life span.
  3. There’s absolutely no point in my buying clothes or purses at Target.   Waste of money.
  4. Light colored shirts have a 1 year lifespan.  It does not matter if I use dress shields.  Don’t invest.  Buy multiples of “the perfect t-shirt” or the “perfect buttondown” when found.
  5. There’s no such thing as “too-too” romantic or boho.  That’s the stuff I get compliments on.  It’s also the stuff I feel most comfortable in.
  6. Oatmeal is not a substitute for ivory.    I really don’t look good in black-navy.
  7. Don’t buy classic basics unless I’m in love.  They hide “me”.
  8. I need to orient myself to brighter colors, more florals, and more embroidery.
  9. Color psychology is a real thing.   When I was doing more image consulting, I had more red in my wardrobe (power color).  When I prepped my wardrobe to go back to work, I added a TON of navy blue (safe).   My casual sweaters tend to be more green-toned (my relaxed, real self).  I have almost no pink/coral, which are my romantic colors, I think it’s been too long since I’ve felt “pretty”.
  10. I wear the heck out of my clothes.  I need to substantially increase the amount of items in my wardrobe on all fronts, because otherwise they get worn out too quickly.  It is wears/item, not years/item.

I seriously CANNOT wait until the Spring clothes come in.  I may melt the credit card.  And I need to.   I have five work skirts, one work dress for winter, seven or eight blouses fit for work, and two work-worthy sweaters.    Yes, that’s essentially what I’ve been wearing on everything but casual Friday for three months and I’m about to go INSANE.  I’m so bored.

Anyway.  If anyone ever felt intimidated by an image consultant cleaning out their stuff?  Don’t.  I’m three times as mean with me as I am with anyone else.  Why did I leave myself so little?  Because that’s honestly what I’ve been using.   Now I have to look at it and get real.  I have to sit with my mistakes and wait for my opportunities.  And … that’s okay, you know?

PS Etsy is still the place to buy leather belts.  Scored two more this month.  For the same price you buy pleather nastiness at the mall.  A good belt – like any other quality accessory – elevates your whole outfit.

Off to Second Readers

LOL so far my mom likes it….

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… I’m happy to be done and in the mood to go shopping, but shopping is a desert at this season for yours truly.  I have to wait for March/April for the Spring things to come in.

I ordered a couple of things from eshakti last night.  I’ll report – probably over at HIC – the results in a week or two when they arrive.


More thoughts on diet and exercise later…

This is my 90% (ish, I think it’s silly to try to put 5lb on a bar loaded for bear) 265lb.

This is the first of three sets of three.   Videography by my coach.  She’s the voice you hear at the end.  🙂

The black things are straps, they help me hold the bar.  My grip strength isn’t up to a bar this heavy.