Gym Records/Life 2 17 17

No one else showed up to BBC last night, so since it was just me, Coach let me work on what I wanted to work on (backsquats) and then she threw in floor presses.   SO MANY FLOOR PRESSES.

You know how I said that the 100 weren’t horrible, since I used a 22lb bar?  No 22lb for me this time, I used a 33lb bar.  And 100?  Hahaha.  I did at least 250, possibly 300.  Not sure, I lost count.

Actually I’m fine.  It was fine.  It was good.  I only woke up once for Advil.

As for life?  Surgery day for DH today.  Say a prayer if you’re so inclined, and include travel mercies if you will.  Supposed to be raining cats about the time we should be getting out.   Plus high winds.

Gym Records: 2/13/17

Went really well last night.  2-13-17

I did front rack lunges with dumbbells, largely because there was a class going who had taken all the “girl bars” and front rack is tricky enough for me without starting at 44lb.  Of course then I started with 40lb… lol.  Worked up to 60lb.

PC/FS worked up to 84lb, which was sad.  74lb was good though.  The PC at 84lb was fine, the FS was the sad bit.

DL @ 144lb

*I* passed the intelligence test and traded down to a 22lb bar for the floor presses.

Barbell rollouts went MUCH better – don’t know if that was me or kneeling on a pad, but I’ll take it.  Dragon flags somewhat better.

Overall a good night, and overall sore today!

It is better…

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”.  (Eleanor Roosevelt)

My husband is not feeling well.   I am worried about him.  He will have surgery on Friday – dsc05273God willing.   He has a cold this weekend and symptoms that match the “bring him in now” symptoms… but they could be the cold, and they went away with the morning’s light.

I frittered away a lot of yday because our plans for the day got hijacked by the cold on top of him not feeling well in the first place.   I am -very deliberately-  choosing to not do that today.  I made the breakfast that most agreed with him this week, from his work cafeteria (french toast & bacon).  He ate well, which is better than last night, he nearly didn’t eat last night.  I cleaned up the kitchen.  And then I put on my new blouse, a cardi, jewelry and a belt… all to go out to the patio and sew and iron.

Slouching around would certainly be excusable, but it wouldn’t get me anything.  Looking nice helps, however little.  It helps.

So I’m lighting my candle. AND I’m cursing the darkness.  Because it wants cursing.


(Sorry about picture quality, it looked okay in the viewfinder and I’m not in the mood to retake).



Raising the Flag: Beauty

I’m putting the call out – first to myself, then to the rest of my sisters out there… let’s do Beauty, ladies.  (And gentlemen, if you’d care to come along).

  • Beauty in deportment
  • Beauty in our surroundings
  • Beauty in our faces and bodies
  • Beauty in motion
  • Beauty in conversation

If you’ve missed my article over at HHH and HIC about beauty being a window to the Transcendent, here you go:

I’m deeply disturbed by what’s going on in my country and the world generally.  What is bothering me most is the deep divisions, the rhetoric of hatred.   This is ugliness.  We no longer listen to one another, we no longer hear one another’s concerns.  We run roughshod over the sacred and we are all missing connection.  There exists very little that draws us out of ourselves, out of our own little mental worlds, out of cyberspace.  We have lost touch with that which reminds us to look up, and Up.

But that is one purpose of Beauty, to cause us to stop and appreciate.

We can all participate in Beauty, because we are all creations of the Master’s hand.

What choices can you make, today, that increase Beauty?  How can you feed yourself with beautiful things, how can you offer beauty to others, how can you better maintain what you’ve been given?

This is the flag I’m raising.

For myself, just for today…

  • I’m listening to old hymns, sung by lovely voices, on my car stereo instead of other music.  Just for today.
  • I’m dressed well, in a blouse and skirt and sweater that coordinate and bring a softness.  Not really going anywhere today, except for Kid Driving.  But I look nice.
  • I spent time stretching.  Eating good food today, lots of veggies.
  • I’m going to write a couple of letters.  By hand.  On pretty paper.
  • I’m going to work on this book, and I wrote this blog.
  • I’m going to work on a date night dress made of green silk.

What can YOU do, just for today?  Just today, to increase the beauty coming in to your heart, and the beauty you *are*, and the beauty you create?

Raise the flag.  Revolt against this ugly, modern, hateful world.  Be Beautiful.

Sewing: Self Belt


I does has cold.   And a fairly busy day.  But I got a self-belt made for the dress I’m making.  I don’t like an exposed waist seam, it seems… unfinished.

This is a glorified hook and eye closure (for a tunic).  I covered a grosgrain ribbon with my fashion fabric, sewing the closure on so as to fit tight at the waist.  No pattern.

The bodice is cut and ready to go, and I sewed the lining the other day.  Just waiting to sew up the outside and get everything joined.

Sewing: Intentional Stashing

While that luscious silk was on sale, so was denim.  60″ wide, $5/yd – and not full of nasty lycra.

5 yards made it into my stash. This is more or less like keeping flour and sugar in your pantry.  I can make a couple of my long fabric pig skirts out of this, or quite a few other garments.